Plant Health Clinic Services

Plant Health Clinic Services
Crop production is associated with various challenges and constraints of pests that leads into reduced productivity and income of farmers or growers. The centre is planning to establish standard operating procedures to serve for diagnostic, surveillance and advisory services for pests that affect crop production under different production systems. The plant clinic and diagnostic service address the following

  • Plant sample pests and disease diagnosis and remedies
  • Seed lot testing for pathogens/pest clearance
  • Seed lot testing for size, uniformity, purity, germination and vigour
  • Whole plant sample diagnosis of pathogens
  • Soil health testing for crop production
  • Vegetatively propagated plant materials for disease indexing and cleaning in:
                       o   Cassava

                              o   Sweet potato

                              o   Banana and plantains

                              o   Pineapple

                              o   Ornamental plants and floriculture

  • Product testing and diagnosis of contaminants towards quality assurance especially in fruits for export, or sale in local markets
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